Tuberculosis Clinic

Tuberculosis has been one of the biggest public health challenges in the Tibetan population in the past. To control the burden and eliminate TB in the community, Delek initiated a TB control program in the early 1980s and a separate TB block was built, where we have both Out-patients and In-patient isolation rooms for those with highly infectious and drug resistant TB. Delek Hospital is also an officially Designated Microscopy Center (DMC) for the National TB Elimination Programme (RNTCP) under the Government of India. Delek Hospital provides its multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB) diagnostic services along with the GeneXpert tests, not only to  Tibetans but also for the local communities.

In order to stop late diagnosis and prevent patients infecting others, Delek in collaboration with AISPO, Italy and Johns Hopkins University TB Research Center, US, has implemented new initiatives, such as the TB Reach Project in the past and the ongoing Zero TB in Kids Project. The current project covers Tibetan monasteries and nunneries in addition to Tibetan schools in northern and southern India.

With effort and dedication from our medical personnel and wonderful support from our TB partners, we have succeeded in bringing down TB drastically in the community.

It is an added pleasure that Delek has become a referral “Center of Excellence” for TB treatment amongst Tibetans across India and Nepal and has received several national and international awards for its TB programme.