• June 8, 2021

Sikyong Penpa Tsering reviewed the progress of the vaccination drive across 36 Tibetan Settlements, and the implementation of the priority guidelines/measures to curb the Covid-19 pandemic, at the Covid-19 task force meeting this Monday.

Since assuming office, Sikyong has prioritised CTA’s COVID-response by revamping the COVID-taskforce and launched key strategies to tackle COVID in the first week of his inauguration.

Chair of the Covid-19 Emergency Task Force, Palden Dhondup, Secretary of Health Department reiterated the 3 key agendas of the new Kashag to combat the pandemic: 1) To vaccinate the general public, 2) procure medical supplies and equipment for the hospitals and clinics run by the Health Department, 3) dispense rations to the destitute affected in the lockdown under the Home department’s purview.

Thus far, in accordance with the phase-wise vaccination drive by the Government of India, eligible elderlies above 60, those above 45 with comorbidities, those in the 45-60 age group without comorbidities, have attained near full vaccine coverage.

Calling the vaccination drive a key priority, the Taskforce chair extended his thanks to the heads of religious institutions, NGOs, associations, and private individuals who have come forward to donate vaccines and medical equipment across settlements in Mundgod, Hunsur, Kollegal, covering 20-30% of the exile Tibetan population.

He briefed on the efforts to procure vaccines which are underway led by the personal physician of His Holiness, and committee advisory member Dr Tsetan Dorji Sadutshang of Delek Hospital assisted by Dr Tenzin Tsundue both of whom are in charge of overseeing the technical aspects of vaccine procurement.

In preparedness for the oncoming third wave, Chair Palden Dhondup said the task force has prioritised the most vulnerable, i.e., the age groups of 4-17 and those unvaccinated from the 18-45 age group to receive Sorig immune boosters as per the guidance of Sorig experts.

Except for TCV Bylakuppe and TCV Ladakh, most schools have been covered under the initiative, he added. Caretakers and educators at boarding schools have been directed to ensure that kids take the medicines on time.