• September 9, 2021

The delegates of the central COVID-19 emergency Task-Force led by Health Secretary Mr Palden Dhondup and Chief administrator of Tibetan Delek Hospital Mr Dawa Phunkyi reached Bandara Tibetan Settlement in Maharashtra on Tuesday where they were received by the Tibetan Settlement Officer of Bandara and heads of NGOs of the settlement.

They commenced the official task by visiting first the STS Bandara followed by a visit to Tibetan Primary Health Center and then to the MenTseeKhang branch.

The delegates addressed the members of both camps of the settlement and answered their questions.

Later that evening, the delegates held a meeting with the local COVID-19 Task-Force members regarding the vaccination status, procurements to be done concerning COVID-19 and other precautionary measures to be taken in case of yet another outbreak of COVID-19.

-Filed by Department of Health