• September 7, 2021

In the evening of the 4 September 2021, Health Secretary and Chairman of the Covid Task-Force Mr. Palden Dhondup, and Delek Hospital Chief Administrator, Mr. Dawa Phunkyi of the Central COVID-19 Emergency Task-Force were received by the Mainpat Tibetan Settlement Office led by Ms. Tenzin Dhadon.

On 5 September, the settlement officer briefed the delegates on their journey of tackling COVID-19 and its current status followed by a visit to the local quarantine center and then to the Tibetan Primary Health Center Mainpat. Therewith the hospital staff, discussions were held on the vaccination status, procurement details concerned with COVID-19, and in terms of managing the Hospital especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Post the visit to TPHC Mainpat, the duo then paid a visit to Mainpat MentseeKhang Branch. In the afternoon, the delegates held a meeting with the Mainpat local COVID-19 Task-Force and appreciated their efforts since the outburst of the pandemic.

The next day, Health Secretary inaugurated the newly built staff quarter accommodating four staff of TPHC Mainpat. Post the inaugural ceremony, the delegates paid a visit to STS Mainpat and interacted with the students, and met the principal and staff to discuss prevention measures for the children ahead of a possible third wave, making it the final activity in Mainpat. The delegates will next visit Bhandara Tibetan Settlement.

Filed by Department of Health