Friends of Tibetan Delek Hospital

Tibetan Delek Hospital Needs List

Summer 2008
US $
Emergency Electrical Needs
50 KV Generator Back Up Generator


Electrical Rewiring Costs


5 Year Maintainence Contract on Generator




Emergency Equpment
Crash Cart with Equipment and Meds


Fetal Doplers and Pulse Oximeters


Laboratory and Imaging Needs
Automated EKG Machine


X Ray Machine


X Ray Processor


Automatic Chemistry Analyzer


5 Year Chemistry Analyzer Maintenance Contract


Ultrasound Machine


5 Year Maintenance Contract on Ultrasound


Computers and Software
Computers,Printers, Software, etc.


Surgical and OB Suite
Delivery Tables and Surgical Tables


Surgical Lights and Operating Room Equipment



 $ 207,000


Fund Raising