Friends of Tibetan Delek Hospital


Summer 2008

The Tibetan Delek Hospital was founded in 1971 to provide much-needed health care to the Tibetan and local Indian communities in Dharamsala, India in the foothills of the Himalayas. His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, is the hospital's patron. Our 45-bed charitable hospital provides general medical care with a special focus on Tuberculosis, the single most serious infectious disease that threatens the Tibetan population and new arrivals from Tibet. Delek also has strong maternal and child health care programs, a service sorely lacking in the area. User fees are kept exceptionally low so that the poor can afford treatment in this hospital.

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Delek needs your help.Life-saving equipment and crucial upgrades are urgently needed to maintain the high quality of care for which Delek is well-known. Delek has survived for 35 years because of tremendous international support – monetary contributions, medical supplies, volunteers and plenty of good will, but our traditional support is not enough.With rising costs and increased demand for services from the growing population, it is now at a cross roads. We at Delek truly appreciate any help that you might give us which will allow us to serve those in need.

Thank you very much.

Tsetan Sadutshang, MD, MPH

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