Friends of Tibetan Delek Hospital

Ambulance Fundraising Initiative

Summer 2009

The Tibet Fund is pleased to assist The Tibetan Delek Hospital and Friends of Delek Hospital with their fundraising initiative to bring urgently-needed equipment and other resources to better serve the Tibetan refugee community in Dharamsala, India. As the flagship healthcare institution for the Tibetan community, Delek Hospital has received numerous grants from The Tibet Fund over the years. The current initiative is vitally important to maintain and upgrade the quality of care provided by the Hospital. The Tibet Fund is committed to helping Delek Hospital meet their goals.

The Tibet Fund is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization established in New York State in 1981. Accordingly, all donations for the Delek Hospital initiative are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law and will be strictly used for Delek Hospital’s needs. The Tibet Fund will not deduct any amount for administrative or other costs.

For further information about The Tibet Fund, email or visit our website at For questions about this funding initiative, please contact Rinchen Dharlo, President or Robyn Brentano, Executive Director at 212-213-5011.
Donations may be made on line at Click on “Donate Now” and “Delek Hospital” and follow the prompts. Or, download the form provided below.

Ambulance Fundraising Initiative Form.doc

Fund Raising Goal


Cost of New Ambulance (Vehicle)
1. Tata Winger Ambulance (Euro III)   Rs. 695,000/-  
2. Insurance, Vehicle Registration and tax   Rs. 35,000/-  
3. Lighting, Cabinets, Shelves, jump seats, Safety Equipment, etc.   Rs. 115,000/-  
Sub Total   Rs. 845,000 -- $ 17,500


Inside Accessories
4. Oxygen tanks (2 L/hour X 4 hour) valves,   Rs. 30,000/-  
5. B.P. Apparatus, Suction Machine   Rs. 40,000/-  
6. Laryngoscope   Rs. 12,000/-  
7. Guedel Airway, introtracheal tube   Rs. 8,000/-  
8. I.V. set, Fluids, Syringes and needles   Rs. 4,000/-  
9. I.V. fluids, and IV monitor   Rs. 6,000/-  
10. Emergency Crash Cart   Rs. 15,000/-  
11. Stretchers   Rs. 10,000/-  
Sub Total   Rs. 124,000 -- $ 2,600


Total cost
Indian Rupees Rs. 969,000 $ 20,100 USD






Fund Raising